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Welcome to the Archway Products website. We are designers and manufacturers of specialised state of the art road repair machinery. With the development and production of the Roadmaster® range, Archway Products are now the market leaders in road repair and maintenance machinery and velocity patching technology.

Our products are designed specifically to combine the benefits of modern technology with the limited budgets of many local authorities.

Our state of the art systems give you the user access to a range of Road Repair alternatives, which can dramatically reduce your road defect count in just a short time. Based on the principle that prevention is better than cure, the Roadmaster® Velocity Patcher is the most efficient means yet to carrying out effective preventive maintenance, at a fraction of the cost of reactive maintenance.

If you want to find out more about our patented technology, or wish to discover how you can make savings of up to 75% on your current expenditure, click here to view the video of our road maintenance technology.

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